"An automobile on 2 wheels"

Welcome to my Neracar website, as you can probably guess by now this site is
undergoing constant updating.

As of yet I have no decent pictures of my 1923 Neracar on display here, as I just got a new digital camera and am waiting for the weather to improve to take pictures of it.

Also I'm trying too make this site look as retro as possible, like the Ner-A-Car sort of give it that modern 1920's look.

I am also in the process of restoring a 1924 BSA motorcycle with a Sidecar and I desperately need all kinds of parts for it, I live in Campbell River, BC Canada.

If you also have a Neracar, and would like to me too put a pic of it on here, please email me a picture and details of it, or if you also have a site about your Neracar I would be happy to add a link to it, when I get a link page up on here.

Please e-mail inquiries and pictures to this address : Click Here

Visit my Corvair site to see a pic of my Ner-a-car.


September 2013 Note: after loosing this domain for several years and recently gaining it back, I've put up the old site files on this site. I plan on doing more with this site in the very near future, with more photo's I would like to create a registry of Ner-A-Car's to find out how many of these unique motorcycles are left in the world, today.


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