Neracar pic
    300 Miles for $1
      85-100 Miles to Gallon
        35 Miles per Hour

Cut Transportation Cost

Eliminate economic
WASTE with one - man
transportation at 300 miles
for a dollar. Save time lost
in parking or delays in
congested traffic. Neracar
glides through openings too
small for autos. Cover the
ground in half the time.
      Neracar is an automobile on two wheels -- clean, comfortable, SAFE.
Learned in five minutes by young or old, either sex. Easy riding
on balloon - like tires and fine springs. Low center of gravity resists
skidding -- feet on the ground at start and stop. No grease or dirt
on your clothes. Step into a Neracar -- no bars to straddle. Ride
from door to office -- park on curb. Efficent, economical, fascinating.

More vaction for less money. Save transportation expenses -- use
Neracar at 1/3 of a cent per mile. Enjoy new pleasures and country
otherwise inaccessible. If tired, nervous, run down, ride the Nera-
car -- hundreds, young and old,

testify to it's benefits.

      Syracuse, N.Y.

  Dealers! Write for our Plan         An automobile on 2 wheels

Replica of an advertisement in the Saturday Evening Post.
- Date Unknown -

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